Why go Artificial?

A question always asked - especially by brides! Well, it's easy. Here are a few points for you to consider:


  • Allergies - Do you or your loved ones suffer from hayfever? Using artificial arrangements eliminates the problem in your home! And for bridal parties... Itchy eyes, running noses and sneezing on your wedding day is something clearly unwanted. Artificial bouquets elimiate all these issues!
  • Convenience - Getting married? Feeling stressed? The last thing you want is one more thing to add to your worry list on your big day! Going artificial eliminates the 'will my flowers arrive on time?' and 'what if I don't like them?' stresses. Having your florals delivered in advance of your wedding allows you to ensure complete satisfaction!
  • Keepsake - Brides and your bouquets! Why pay all that money for something you can only enjoy for one day? Why pay for something so special that is going to end up in the bin? Our products allow you to keep your beautiful bouquets forever! Reminise with them, display them at home or even pass them down to your daughter for her wedding!
  • Money Saving - Do you buy fresh flowers for your home? Fed up of the expense of constant re-ordering? Go artificial and only buy once! An arrangement you can enjoy all year round, with the exact same look!


What you should be asking yourself is: Why not go artificial?